Manuele Cecconello

After completing studies in Liberal Arts with a thesis on Andrej Tarkovskij, Cecconello worked at the National Museum of Cinema in Turin and then began his professional career, focusing as much on education of the audiovisual arts as on production.
After his first professional experience teaching audiovisual arts to the disabled, Cecconello ran the publishing house GS, putting together a catalogue that centred on the themes "Cinema History and Criticism" and "Regional Culture in Piedmont". In the 1990s his artistic activities in photography and experimental film began to find their market and he founded the production company "Prospettiva Nevskij". Since 1992 Cecconello has directed over one hundred films, many of which have been selected for participation in festivals and exhibitions. His first feature film "Beato colui che sarà visto dai tuoi occhi" dates back to 2006; it promoted the Santuario di Oropa (Biella) through a story set in the documentary register but expressed with visionary verve. In the same year Cecconello was honoured with a retrospective of his works at the 28th Latin American Cinema Festival in Havana, Cuba; during the days of the Festival Cecconello shot the video diary 1CCuban Experimental Winter 1D, representing a vivid declaration of poetic vision, an involved, first-person reflection on experimental cinema in its past and present form.

This is how "Olga e il tempo" emblemizes the evolution of Manuele Cecconello's work; it marks the point of arrival of a road that runs through the intersections of documentary and video art, from dualism to photographic realism and graphic inventions; from the coexistence of analog reproduction and digital manipulation. This profound and well-articulated audiovisual production, precisely carried through the production of the last ten years, finds its complement in Cecconello's institutional collaborations. Cecconello interprets these collaborations as fulfilling the need for representation, for the promotion requested by patrons: these are achieved without renouncing his vision, his personal expressive strategies, his own style and personal touch; they are carried out not in spite of the circumstance but because of it.

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