Normality Edge: Inner Photographs

Ambient Grooves: A Drowning Fish
1.  No Panic [Intro]  2:57
2.  A Drowning Fish  13:05
3.  A Blameful Pause  6:28
4.  In White Buildings  4:26
5.  Red Rose Flesh  0:47
6.  Useless Garden Of Anxiety  5:0
7.  Your Wrinkles  5:04
8.  Everything Floats  8:32
9.  You Listen To Me  7:58

Anxiogen Dances: Instable Balance

1.  Two  4:03
2.  The Commercial One  5:49
3.  If You Think to Know Me  4:34
4.  Ira  4:32
5.  Weak End  5:49
6.  Drink / Food / Cigarette / Wank  7:51
7.  Very Instable  6:51
8.  25 Years  2:59
9.  Weak End [Reverse Mix]  3:58

Dark Rhythms: Monochrome Life

1.  Laudomia [City Of The Deads]  9:16
2.  Run [Authority Hunt]  4:25
3.  Monochrome  5:21
4.  Ovunque  2:48
5.  The Tiranny Of Order  4:22
6.  Minimal [Zu Ende Gehen]  4:07
7.  Minimal [Ende]  4:23
8.  Hard Enough [Kazic]  8:27

Industrial Noises: Avoid Contact
1.  Last Stand  5:26
2.  A Suffering  1:31
3.  Stormy Stomach  3:12
4.  Need  3:32
5.  Loops  2:48
6.  This Shit  1:52
7.  No Reason To Change For  7:23
8.  Inner Sounds  4:38
9.  I Am  6:55
10.  Need [Mix One]  1:47
11.  This Is A Mistake  2:53

Unpleasant Songs: Il confine
1.  Il Confine Del Tempo  3:57
2.  Song One  3:51
3.  Handy Song  3:42
4.  Il Confine Degli Amici  4:11
5.  A Very Silly Song  6:42
6.  The Social Sadness  10:09
7.  Il Confine  10:27
8.  New Song  1:26

Nervous System Overload [sold separately from the box-set]
1.  Intro  0:39
2.  NSO [Quite]  2:36
3.  Beauty  2:49
4.  A Better Mood  7:44
5.  5 Minutes  5:00
6.  The Wait Anxiety  3:40
7.  An Attempt Of Kindness  5:24
8.  Black Memory  3:40
9.  Anxiety Is Love  5:59
10.  Hug  4:46
11.  Serial Meet Parallel  8:30

Published in 2002 by AFE in CD-R
Limited edition of
50 copies
Graphic by
5xCD-R box-set ltd. to 50 numbered copies with pro-printed artwork and inserts + [1xCD-R sold separately]  
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link to reviews "Questi brani sono come tante istantanee che vengono recuperate dopo essere state dimenticate per lungo tempo in una valigia, e appaiono quindi sbiadite ma, proprio a causa di ciò, ancor più affascinanti" Spectrum

"Inner Photographs è un'opera complessa. L'autore delle musiche ha anche curato personalmente l'aspetto della grafica, davvero raffinata e perfettamente adeguata al contesto..." Oltre il Suono

Normality / Edge's "Inner Photographs" box-set consists of five discs and collects all the tracks produced by this project during its existence between 1996-1999.

All material was reworked and put into shape in 2001 and is released here for the first time. All tracks were created by Hue using only cheap microphones, various objects, primitive sound editors and Dos sequencers. No midi machines, synths, and so on were ever used.

The musical contents are different for each disc and vary from the Dark / Isolationist atmopheres of "Ambient Grooves: A Drowning Fish" to the harsh and distorted assaults of "Industrial Noises: Avoid Contact", passing through the more layered and rhythmically structured "Anxiogen Dances: Instable Balance" and "Dark Rhythms: Monochrome Life", ending with the less obsessive and gentler "Unpleasant Songs: Il Confine (The Edge)".

It would really make no sense getting into the details about each track since this work must be seen / listened as a whole.

The Normality / Edge "Opera Omnia" is completed by a sixth disc entitled "Nervous System Overload" recorded back in 1995, which is sold separately from the box and is a mixture of Power Electronics and strange ambiences created assembling only sounds captured with microphones and without any kind of sequencer.

The inspiration for all the music contained on this box is the sadness, anxiety and angst felt by the author at that time.

Life changes, things get worse or better for anyone and Hue is making completely different music now with his Sparkle in Grey project... but that is another story and we are sure we'll have the chance to tell it later on... "Inner Photographs" is here and it's now: don't miss it.

The 6th CD-R to complete the "Inner Photographs" box-set is available "on demand" to all those who will send back the replying coupon included in the box.

For more detailed notes about "Inner Photographs", please visit Normality / Edge web site